The Door to Paradise

At last I stood in front of it, 18 years of sheer passion and hard work had finally paid off. The master stood right beside me. The man who had taught me to look into stars and peep into heavens. The moment for which I had lived was dawning upon me. Only an inch of... Continue Reading →


Security guards were evading him off the ceremony as he was continuously whistling and screaming "You got it my girl! The nobel prize for economics belonged to you." Sam woke up from this unusual dream, but since that day he started to practice the whistling. Dreams are fulfilled when both work hard for it. She... Continue Reading →

I am waiting

It was a clear morning. Or a hazy twilight. I am not sure of it. My cellphone shivered. And the text on its screen left me with the same effect. It was a special text from someone special. All it said was that I was no longer hers. I guess, it always had been the... Continue Reading →

Me, my lady love and an anklet

With her slipper clapping the noise, the entire restaurant starred at her with awkwardness. For the elite crowd making the sound of clashing spoons and forks with plates, it may have been either informal way to walk in or hard to accept the attire. But for him, it was an aura of beauty. He was... Continue Reading →

New year, old love

The time stood still, but the tickling sound of the watch didn't stood. The shouts of "Happy New year" made me realized that year has changed. But when I turned back to my screen, I saw a message from her. Every feeling beats within me. The love, the care, the humbleness. The crazy, the insanity,... Continue Reading →

Arjun- Love story of a “Criminal”: Finale

By Amit Khare   कॉलेज का पहला साल खत्म होते ही हमें एक NGO की तरफ से ह्यूमन एब्नार्मल साइंस पर रिसर्च करने के लिए लखनऊ के एक हॉस्पिटल भेजा गया। यह पूरी छह लोगों की टीम थी जिसमे से दो थे मैं और देविका। एक साल के लंबे इन्तजार के बाद वह दिन आया... Continue Reading →

Arjun- Love story of a “Criminal” Part 3

"कितना ख़ूबसूरत लग रहा है ना" मैंने उसका ध्यान खींचने की कोशिश की। "क्या?" "वही जो तुम पूरे डेढ़ घंटे से निहार रही हो" मैंने ऊपर की ओर इशारा करते हुए कहा। "ओह..वो तो बस नींद नहीं आ रही थी इसलिए। घर पर भी मुझे जब भी नींद नहीं आती या अकेला महसूस करती हूँ... Continue Reading →

Story of a mad girl

Mad? Why? Yes, she was mad. An irritating, dependent and dumb girl. I mean just tell me who is dependent on her best friend just to approve a single pic so that she could put that as the display picture. And who irritates every single friend in her friend list just because she was upset... Continue Reading →

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