I walk alone..

On the dusky lane of dreams & frames I walk Alone the steady frails.... With head held high,no matter what sigh I walk Alone the fronts so pale... Ups & downs driving fringes Of My Life... I walk Alone for a Better flight... Whispers & gossips make no profits.... I walk Alone waving those lullaby...... Continue Reading →

कहानियां ..

बहुत हैं कहानियां  लोगो को बताने , चले बस तो मैं सारी गा कर सुनाऊँ, मिले तो मुझे  कोई क़दरदान ज़रा मुस्कान का मुखौटा उतार कर दिखाऊं। गीत भी संगीत भी सब साथ है यहाँ , मीत भी मिले तो वो बातें सुनाऊँ , जो बिन बोले मेरे हाल ये समझ ले, उसे मैं बिठा के , हाल -... Continue Reading →

That Obnoxious Crap

Distressed, depressed, and terribly devastated, I have spent my life being severely damaged. I carried the baggage of a wrecked spirit,With utmost pain and grief to which there couldn't be any limit.I felt wobbly at my knees and frail my heart turned, It was a hard line task to figure out the manner in which the... Continue Reading →

मदद न टालो तुम

व्यस्त समय के बीच भी कभी कुछ तो समय निकालो तुम मदद कोई  चाहे तुमसे तो कोशिश करो न टालो तुम कोई क्या तुमें है देता है और नहीं दिया हो शायद कभी इस तेरे मेरे उलटफेर मे खुद को तो संभालो तुम कुछ न चाहे भी कर दो अब , यूँ मतलब न निकालो... Continue Reading →


Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, It's about learning to dance in the rain & skip over a new mown grass.. Its up to you to find the beauty in the ugliest days, Its the chance for you where your positivity portrays.. Times get hard & it's okay to have a meltdown,... Continue Reading →

Preordained Coincidence.

#Repost 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 I don’t know who You are Where you came from Became breeze of my vespars And I knew nights aren’t just about darkness. I was a queen Solitude my kingdom. Queen, I still am Kingdom, my people. Shambolic, my world, Orchestrated. Harmony! Sonambularly, I’ve always survived You filled... Continue Reading →

बिजली गुल

इक शाम को  बड़ी  अजब सी बात  हुई बिजली गुल हो गई , जो थोड़ी बरसात हुई बैटरी ख़त्म जब हो गई अपने स्मार्ट यार की , इन्तहा ही हो गई जब इंतज़ार की  तब देखा अपनी खिड़की से अजीब वाक़या लोग आपस में भी करने लगे बातें यहाँ कोई मंदिर के किनारे खेलते अंताक्षरी चल पड़े किस्से कहानी... Continue Reading →

Dear Long Lost Love!

A Beautiful love story that exists in each of our lives, but for some or the other reason, couldn't last longer. A story that is somewhere buried deep in our hearts, because it ended unreasonably, because it was one who did not trust the other good enough. Because they were unfavorable consequences that prevailed over... Continue Reading →

She is a devil

  She is the fire who can burn your demons, fierce she is. She is the ice who can melt herself in the heat of your anger, calm she is. She is the source of love who is born to fulfill your desires, angel she is. You will never be able to hate her how... Continue Reading →

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