​Everyone ask her... what is your future goal?? . SHE : ( Silence )... . What do you want from your life?? . SHE : ( Silence )... . Have you thought about something to do in your life?? . SHE : ( Silence )... All she knows that this is not her SILENCE  , this is... Continue Reading →

  Red! Baby, you make me go crazy for you. Craving for your sweet delicious flavor dripping from all edges, I wonder how you will taste inside my mouth when I will savor every last drop of you. Slowly - slowly you will entwine your every piece with mine and I will just enjoy the... Continue Reading →

The dark reflection

Even before you'll trace the trails of her existence, She will find her escape. Like that sand in the hourglass, Yeah, she'll fade away my friend ! Find before it's late ❤ #thedarkreflection


आज यादों के कमरे का दरवाज़ा खुला रह गया था, गहरे अंधेरे को चीरती हुई रौशनी धूल से सने संदूक कि ओर इशारा कर रही थी ना जाने किस धुन में मेरे कदम उस ओर बढ़ गए और मैंने उस माज़ी का ताला खोला। संदूक में थी एक डायरी, डायरी में कैद मेरी कहानी का... Continue Reading →


Opt for Truth and Honesty, It brings about nothing but good, Keep a sense of Shame and Modesty, It's a sign of Adulthood.

Weak (No more)

She said his attitude is on the Everest's peak, And that is the thing which makes him weak, A weak lover and a weak friend, A weak boy who won't be loved till the end.  


Dear love, Today will be the longest night scientifically, but who cares, we are going to sleep at 11 and we will wake up at 6, nothings new... We love new things don't we?, my love, nothing's new, In your "I love you".

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