कलम ये मेरे जब तक जी में जान है ,चलती जायेगी . मैं इसमे ढलता जाऊंगा , ये मुझको लिखती जायेगी . जितनी मुझ में सान्से हैं , उतनी स्याही है इस में , जितना अनुराग मुझ में है , उतना सम्मोहन है इस में . ये ही मेरी है ज़ुबान, जो मेरा  अन्तर्मन  लिखती.... Continue Reading →


Security guards were evading him off the ceremony as he was continuously whistling and screaming "You got it my girl! The nobel prize for economics belonged to you." Sam woke up from this unusual dream, but since that day he started to practice the whistling. Dreams are fulfilled when both work hard for it. She... Continue Reading →


By Neha Thakur Since 2006, Los Angeles-based Artist Mike Stilkey uses the covers of books reclaimed from library trash heaps as a canvas for his whimsical paintings. "Most libraries have thousands and thousands of books that they can throw away at any time," Stilkey said. Painting on books adds an extra layer of meaning because of the... Continue Reading →

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