The first rain of the year made its way through the dark clouds, and was witnessed through the windows of a dark room. The boy standing there, with ruffled hair and short beard, heard the bellowing of thunder and the murmur of raindrops on the window sill. Just then, his ears felt a whisper. “Ashu”... Continue Reading →


So, here we are! Living, and hoping for better lives. We constantly work to endeavor success, which we think brings us happiness. While the word ‘success’ is relative, it is what most people work towards. May it be getting a meal a day, or two, or buying a luxurious bungalow. We notice that it is... Continue Reading →

আমি বাঙালি

I won't ask you how you like your coffee, rather I will like to know how you like your bed tea(cha). The cheese in your lasagna is not my concern, I want to know which fish recipe you want me to cook next. I will see you gulp down an entire plate of mutton biryani... Continue Reading →

SORRY, is not always enough!

  Sorry is not always enough, For it's too simple a term to be able to express the complexity of human emotions that lie behind it, You can't expect a four letter word to heal the damage done and the hurt already caused, Sorry won't go back in time to reverse what happened, But it's... Continue Reading →

Ides of March

Thousand years ago in Rome, in the house of senate on the ides of march conspiracy won and friendship lay dead speaking the last words that would always resemble disbelieve and resentment, 'Et tu ,Brute!' Ceaser died not because he was stabbed but because his friend whom he thought to be true, betrayed! That is... Continue Reading →

Obama- The People’s President

Wednesday 11th, 2017 (IST) Mr.Barack Obama officially signed off as the president of the United States of America. Not just the Americans, but the entire world was looking forward to his farewell speech (and so was I). Honestly, I am not a very avid follower of Mr. Barack rather I have always wondered why the... Continue Reading →

“औकात में रह”

पितृसत्ता की प्रथम पोषक एक बेटे की माँ होती है, और पितृसत्ता की सबसे पौष्टिक खुराक़ उसी माँ की बेटी। #नहीं समझे?  स्कर्ट को फैशन मनना एक समस्या है। लेकिन बलात्कार मात्र एक समस्या या बुराई नहीं है। ये दोगले समाज का आइना है। बलात्कार भूख़ मिटाने के लिए नहीं होते... बदला लेने या औकात... Continue Reading →

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