In a small city where there is more of laid-back life rather than the adrenaline rush of the metros; life can be quite wonderful. However, for those who are transplanted in this city either due to job, family, studies or a new phase of life it can be quite a task for someone used to fast paced life.

Indore was and still is, bound to the easy way of doing things. So those who think that there are better ways to made the city fabulous apart from the poha-jalebi syndrome, they do have a heady challenge to encounter. In this milieu, few friends met at a small café that’s hard to find but serves awesome coffee . Few friends were lamenting the absence of intellectual sharing in the city that has been melting pot of several cultures. After nearly two hours of thinking of ways to connect to others who are on the same plane of thought, the third friend shot an answer in a very interesting way – A WhatsApp Group.

Rising Litera started off on 22nd May, 2015 and within a short time has gained momentum to inspire hundreds of members across India. Readers and writers from Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Udaipur, Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune, Chandigarh, Delhi, Indore, Nepal and a few even from abroad are part of this group. New members are being added everyday to this dynamic group.

What is Rising Litera?

It is a community of readers, writers and people who are passionate about arts and culture. Rising Litera members consist of an eclectic mix of professionals in the field of literature, social media strategists, bloggers, photographers, artists, poets, writers and even those who are pursuing other profession but in parallax are pursuing reading, writing and art too. Students too are part of this community that’s growing exponentially every day.

Words have a power – power to transcend human expressions.

What do words do? They expose, mask, express, impress, communicate, dictate, detain, attain, declare, hide; a range of human verbal and non-verbal cues.

Rising Litera is the Communicative Concept by evangelists who envisioned a community of people who are passionate about reading, writing, arts and culture. In Rising Litera, members i.e. Risers as they’re called –discuss, debate and communicate with each other in offline and online format. Rising Fellows are readers and writers of various levels – basically people who believe that reading/writing is part of everyday indulgence. Rising Litera acts as the stepping stone to building up on a more communicative and creative way for readers and writers to co-exist and channelize their inspirations by connecting together. Indore will soon be a place to reckon with for intellectual stars.

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