The Decision!

Has it ever happened to you? You find yourself caught by a thought leaving you perplexed. A thought arising out of nowhere or just as a consequence of your over thinking, sinking you deeper and deeper. You know it that you are just thinking and thinking about it too much and it might not at all be what you really feel like. Or what if is really like it? If it is not what you are thinking there’s nothing to worry but if at all to your worst nightmare what if at all it is true, even for that one percent chance? Then? Then what? Are you prepared for it? Ready to fight or elope? If fight then how long and if running away then how far? Ever thought?
Even if not a situation then maybe a decision you have to take but not sure how? What if the choice you made is correct and what if not? If correct, life is set but what if it is not your way and you choose only because at that given point in time it feels right or rather looks easy and convenient. But what about the long run? Can you risk your life for such situations? Even worse if the situation is you have to decide now or it’s never.What if you are fearing the consequences you miss taking the right decision at the right moment? How do you know it is now, it is correct and the best of the time to seal the deal?
Have you ever found yourself sitting with a coin waiting to flip it to help you decide but not doing because it may show up what you do not want to see. Have you ever found yourself caught in a turmoil where you are compelled by circumstances to make that not-so-desired choice or do you have the gut to live the life you want?
Have you?

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