The not ‘so-lost generation’

It was just another day. A boring Sunday evening laid with the heaviness of Monday being just a few hours away. I was just lost in thoughts as to how to make the most of this never returning evening while I was at a signal. Just then I noticed a teen boy helping a blind couple cross the road. Not did he helped them cross the road but assisted them end-to-end to their destination.
I couldn’t help but smile. I so wanted to capture that moment in a picture but by the time I reached for my phone the deed was over. Though I failed to capture the moment it got etched on my memory palette forever. That simple move of gentleness was so beautiful that it left me feeling happy and convinced for the rest of the day. Perhaps the most delightful experience after a long time. Certainly, it must have been the morals and values learned by that boy at home or school. What is important is that not that he just learned but truly stands by them too.
It was a perfect answer to all those stubborn rude double standards people of our mean society who very firmly believe that our youth is totally misguided and lost with the amalgamation of western culture in our lifestyles. A few might disagree with me on this saying I am generalizing the youth with just one instance but then aren’t there others who do generalize the entire generation over a wrong example?  I could feel nothing less than proud of that boy and relieved that our generation is not lost, only judged on wrong parameters which is why most of them turn rebels. Being friends with a lot of people, going out frequently, not visiting temple frequently, wearing western clothes is no means to judge a person’s character. Move beyond these and look into the soul. And then it is all about how someone is a person. Kindness comes from within. Unquestionably nobody would have asked that lad to spend his five minutes on that couple. In return, he must have received blessings. No sweet kind word ever spoken goes waste. Judge a person by his heart and not his personality. Stay kind, be giving because being kind is something always possible.


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