Letter to my future daughter

Hi there, you beautiful soul,

For once, I thought that I would send you this later, for you are so little now, but then, I understand that you will always be a little child to me.

The first thing you would see in the world is faith. It is the reason why you would want to run into my arms when you start walking. For now, you will have faith on me and mumma. And as you grow up, you would find faith elsewhere. People will tell you of God. Of religion. Of belief. And they would very much like you to follow what I and mumma have been following. But I want you to follow what YOU like to follow. What you believe in. I am going to tell you all I know of religion, every single evening, with you in my lap. And you would decide. Not me. Not the world.

And the next thing, people will tell you with disgust, is that you are a girl. And the next thing, I would tell you with love, is that I am so glad to be blessed with one. Every time people tell you things just because you are so blessed, remember that people tend to envy, what they can appreciate. And people will envy you, for you are loved. Being a girl doesn’t change anything, for the worse. It does, for the better. I have often read, ‘one is not born, but rather becomes a woman’. And why is it like that? To make things better. For women teach love better than men, and perhaps a little more love is all that people need.

And then, you would come into the world. The one which will be very different from the world of you and me, and mumma, and grandpa and grandma. It will be confusing, and it will be weird. But it will be exciting, and full of mysteries-to-be-hunted-for. What I discovered in my youth, was a cycle. I wrote it as ‘money, career, status, position’. I hope things have changed by now, but you still need to discover the world. Be free to explore it, physically and emotionally, and without fear. You will meet thousands, and what daddy would tell you is this, ‘don’t judge them. The constant part is that everyone has a story, written in bright and dark pages. The varying part; is their ratio.’ So if you see people yelling at their ‘so-called-subordinates’, just remember that silence veils more voices, than a shouting tries to.

One day, you might fall in love with someone. It’s normal, yet so special, and you don’t need to be prejudiced against your feelings based on what the world feeds you. I wouldn’t mention much about it here, for I would like to discuss it with you in my lap again, watching you blush as you tell me how you fell in love the second time, with a different man. What? You say he is the first? No. The first man you fell in love with still holds you in his lap.

Life; would go on. It always does. And I would tell you something every night. I want you to live. To laugh. Always. For you are beautiful, and always will be, just as everyone. Make your life colourful. And no matter how dark those colours become, I want you to know that daddy will always be there. Behind you while you write those bright pages. In front, when you write those dark ones. And when it is time, daddy would have to go. So would mumma. And when daddy is gone, remember the present that he gave you on your first birthday. Yes, that white pencil.

Now you know what it’s for.

Love and prayers,

Your pa-pap-papa.

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