दिखावा..... रीतियों की बेड़ियों के हम यूँ हवाले हो गये दबा आरजू को अपनी हम पैसों के प्याले हो गये हो शादी या गम का मौसम रौब दिखावा भर गया सादगी और सरल सा जीवन जाने कहाँ अब मर गया    

Letter to my future daughter

Hi there, you beautiful soul, For once, I thought that I would send you this later, for you are so little now, but then, I understand that you will always be a little child to me. The first thing you would see in the world is faith. It is the reason why you would want... Continue Reading →

The Rainy Evening

I always wondered what was wrong with them, and then when they came tonight I realized that the problem with them is that they are not afraid of falling. That they are blissfully sad a state of dispute that only rain drops can accomplish. I sat with my knees touching the window pane as these... Continue Reading →

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