Nature Feels Your Soul

There are days when nature feels your mood as if it hears your heart beats right from the first ray of the sun in the morning, it knows your emotional state even before you realize it.
There is a tinge of coldness in the air and the wind feels heavy.
A slight sadness fills the ambiance as if mourning the loss of happy times with you. The sun somewhere is hiding behind the clouds, not wanting to come out. The birds don’t chirp because they too are hearing your heart sing the long-forgotten song of happy days. In the name of the colour, the fresh greens of the leaves are dried and no flowers bloom, the sky is painted only in the shades of grey and white, ready to rain anytime but is holding back as long as the eyes can.
The storm in your being is just felt by nature. It senses your despondency assuring you that it perceives your sorrow and that you are not alone. At the same time, it tries to comfort you by promising a new brighter warm day but for now, it wants you to rejoice even this sadness so that you can feel the pleasure and warmth of a bright new beginning the next day.


-Shruti Jain



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