Remembering Chester

It has been three days to his demise but I can’t get his voice, his screams out of my head..

What was breaking him so much inside that he gave up on life?

Suddenly his words are echoing in the head where he feels NUMB or waiting for A LIGHT THAT NEVER COMES.

This is and fame can buy you every luxury but not love and happiness.

None of us can imagine the struggle he must be going through in his head and heart since morning to night.

Did he even sleep peacefully even for once in his last few days?

What makes people succumb to their pain? Is this pain incurable? Why couldn’t he speak up? Was it that bad and difficult?

What was frustrating him so much?

I seriously feel like going back in time and get all these questions answered from Chester himself.

Why do issues like these which count mental health come up after the victim chooses to leave?

Why are relationships so insensitive these days that people choose to suffer silently as long as they can but not discuss.

Have we forgotten to value life or have we forgotten to live?

Feel bad for Chester..

He once said, “When I’m writing, I’m constantly thinking about myself, because it’s the only experience I have to draw on”. He was always trying to say something through his songs, only never heard.

Hope he finds the peace he had been going after like mad, Hope his suffering ended


RIP Chester Bennington.
Your voice, music and words will continue to live on forever..

Shruti Jain

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