Life of an Imp

When Aerys reigned, The mad dragon king; At Casterely Rock, That’s where I was born. A dwarf lion, Shamed my sire; ‘No son of mine,’ he’d exclaimed. ‘Kin slayer,’ cried my sister. Jaime, my dear big brother, He loathed me not; But, he drifted away, To don the white. At 13, I fell in love,... Continue Reading →

Remembering Chester

It has been three days to his demise but I can't get his voice, his screams out of my head.. What was breaking him so much inside that he gave up on life? Suddenly his words are echoing in the head where he feels NUMB or waiting for A LIGHT THAT NEVER COMES. This is Continue Reading →

Film review: MOM 

​  Film: Mom Release date: 7 july 2017 Cast: Sridevi, Nawazuddin siddiqui, Akshaye khanna, Adnan siddiqui, Sajal ali Screenplay: Girish kohli Direction: Ravi udyawar Language: Hindi कहानी– "गलत और बहुत गलत में से चुनना हो तो आप क्या चुनेंगे" इसी सवाल के साथ शुरू होती यह फिल्म आर्या (सजल अली) और उसकी सौतेली माँ देवकी के बीच के संबंधों की कहानी... Continue Reading →

crème de la crème

Years later, I'll visit that forgotten lane, There I'll find a heart, split in twain. Shredded dreams lying in the path, Will cut through my toes and result in a scath. Still, I'll bend to pick them up To recollect the good old memories. And I'll keep, keep the best of it, Our best euphony... Continue Reading →


The first rain of the year made its way through the dark clouds, and was witnessed through the windows of a dark room. The boy standing there, with ruffled hair and short beard, heard the bellowing of thunder and the murmur of raindrops on the window sill. Just then, his ears felt a whisper. “Ashu”... Continue Reading →

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