My Story, First Story Library.

A week back a friend asked me,
“You are always lost in your world, do you have the slightest idea how this real world works?”
“There is no real world,” I replied with a calm smile.

Vaidika Kashikar

Today when the books were gone. I knew I had nothing left for me here. I struggled to open the shutter, went in, switched on the lights and as I was trying to superimpose the picture set in my mind upon the reality before my eyes, I saw my last gift. A book the labors probably forgot to pack or may be left on purpose to reduce my feeling of missing books. And there I sat on an iron cupboard and read my last book in the library. On the last day of my library.

Last day of the library. The room that was once full of beautiful personalities and amazing creatures. Some from the earth some from even beyond. It was the place where Sherlock Holmes used to investigate for hundreds of cases. Where Dan Brown sat to reveal all his codes to those who searched for a thrill…

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I walk alone..

On the dusky lane of dreams & frames I walk Alone the steady frails.... With head held high,no matter what sigh I walk Alone the fronts so pale... Ups & downs driving fringes Of My Life... I walk Alone for a Better flight... Whispers & gossips make no profits.... I walk Alone waving those lullaby...... Continue Reading →

कहानियां ..

बहुत हैं कहानियां  लोगो को बताने , चले बस तो मैं सारी गा कर सुनाऊँ, मिले तो मुझे  कोई क़दरदान ज़रा मुस्कान का मुखौटा उतार कर दिखाऊं। गीत भी संगीत भी सब साथ है यहाँ , मीत भी मिले तो वो बातें सुनाऊँ , जो बिन बोले मेरे हाल ये समझ ले, उसे मैं बिठा के , हाल -... Continue Reading →

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