That Obnoxious Crap

Distressed, depressed, and terribly devastated, I have spent my life being severely damaged.

I carried the baggage of a wrecked spirit,With utmost pain and grief to which there couldn’t be any limit.I felt wobbly at my knees and frail my heart turned,

It was a hard line task to figure out the manner in which the events of my life churned. Attempts were unstoppably made to abase my dignity,

The rude words were thrashed at me to degrade my personality. Each night I used to crawl back to my bed and hide behind my blanket,

Beneath the grim reality slept my dreams that were scarlet. My soul crooned the songs of melancholy,

Though I desperately wished to hum a beautiful symphony. Life’s never been kind to me,

But it was not even cruel, I believe. ‘time heals everything,” is a cliche that I often heard,

That fostered in me the strength to rise again and stand firmly against the crowd. My heart is imbued with gratitude towards those,

Who remarked at me with irksome aspersions and taught me that life is never a bed of roses. A million thanks to the people who served me the worst,

Because all that obnoxious crap helped me to deliver my Best…!

Khyati Gautam

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