Preordained Coincidence.


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I don’t know who You are
Where you came from
Became breeze of my vespars
And I knew nights aren’t just about darkness.

I was a queen
Solitude my kingdom.
Queen, I still am
Kingdom, my people.

Shambolic, my world,
Orchestrated. Harmony!

I’ve always survived
You filled me with life
I revived.

How to express
What you did to me
To praise the almighty
What words of seraph can suffice!

Affright, I’m not.
I realized near the cay,
One day when zephyrs aired,
I knew you’ll stay.

No coincidence this epoch.
It was foreordained.
When this world was yet to born,
The seed of our love was ingrained.

I’m blessed with you.
My search ends with you.
My life, My Love!
Begins with you.

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