So, here we are! Living, and hoping for better lives. We constantly work to endeavor success, which we think brings us happiness.

While the word ‘success’ is relative, it is what most people work towards. May it be getting a meal a day, or two, or buying a luxurious bungalow. We notice that it is measured in terms of physical entities that one possesses, or exercises control over. Manpower can be counted in, too, but that seems more of an asset than a build-up of relationships and goodwill; through which orders can be executed hierarchically.

It is about those relationships. Humans’ basic nature is association. We like being together, in our families, in the society, and on so many such different levels. These levels can be a fitness group, a music band, or a business company. While we observe a certain sense of togetherness even in business which follows the principle “business is not charity”, we also notice some hostility in human behavior, that has crept in during the present generation’s span of living, and usually pertains to interaction with strangers, opponents, and anyone, irrespective of age, position or circumstance, who chooses to disagree with the opinions of the masses.

This feeling of hostility develops gradually through conflicts with near ones, even that be family, and develops exponentially on disagreements with society, and with colleagues on grounds of competition. Though competition is supposed to be a healthy means of improvement, invested through mutual co-operation and help, it has developed to a sense of cut throat, where everyone is ready to kill the others for apparent progress.

An inside study into the lives of our present generation, of which I myself am a part, could reveal that behind those happy faces, which are constituted by lackluster eyes, lie gloom and despair. Partly from the expectations the society puts, and partly from the barriers we build. Isn’t this age supposed to be full of mirth, positivity and energy? But what do we find instead? Happiness as an icing on the cake of despair, hatred and guilt. It is for us that it is said “It isn’t the age of cleanliness, where people take pride on their mess.”

This all leads to a search of togetherness, a sense of belongingness in the harsh world that lies out there, where we seek help and refuge from strangers, and then, painfully learn that our existence is contained within the confinement of the of the physical and material objectives that we so heart fully strive for; and thus work for our demise.

Ayush Ashish

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