Dear Long Lost Love!

A Beautiful love story that exists in each of our lives, but for some or the other reason, couldn’t last longer. A story that is somewhere buried deep in our hearts, because it ended unreasonably, because it was one who did not trust the other good enough. Because they were unfavorable consequences that prevailed over love.

Here is the story, that is yours, and is mine.
And yet nobody’s!

Dear long lost love…
You stay in my heart
Even today
Even if our roads have been separated
Even if it was all because of you
Because you couldn’t keep faith in my love
Because you couldn’t believe I would have made your problems mine
And to solve them I would have fathom all depths and all heights.

Dear long lost love,
You are still in my heart
My love is only for you
My eyes pine to see you once more
Even if just once we’ve met
It wasn’t a coincidence
That you popped up from nowhere
Even if we were never destined to stay together
We can’t be separated.

Dear long lost love,
The breeze of vespars brings me your kiss
Rains embrace me once in a while
And I feel your touch,
That just once I’ve felt.
No moment passes by
When you aren’t in my mind
But nothing can be done now
You chose a path that isn’t mine.

Dear long lost love,
I just want to let you know
When you scroll my page and my memories
When you think of me, I know.
I care for you beloved
Silly heart seeks ways to learn about you.

Dear long lost love,
Only my memory has you as an only evidence
That there happened a love story
That the world didn’t know.
You make me alive
Your words pop up in times of tears
And you, make me smile.

Dear God,
Please do not let my memories of him, Ever go
Or there existed a beautiful, pure love story,
The world will never know!

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