Through the Eyes of a Magician

Back in the day when I was a student of architecture one of my professor during his lecture said, “We see what we are looking for and not what there is to see”. Now after meeting this amazing person I recalled and realised the meaning of his words.

It is so strange that the universe answers our questions when we think that there are no answers to it. I was walking down the road minding my own business when he barged into my personal space. His black robe dancing in the air and his long amusing hat poked in my face, it was a scene that you don’t often expect to see on a crowded street.
He looked at me with conviction as if he knew something about me as if I was the culprit of the crime that I didn’t knew I committed.

“Do you have a moment to spare?” he asked.

Well obvious I did not, it was the first day of the week I was already running late and the last thing that I needed was another wasteful pit stop.

“I am in a rush” I said.

“Certainly you are but that is not the answer to my question”

“I said I am in a rush, I don’t have time for a stupid magic trick”

“Time is the most scandalous magic of all, and you say you don’t have time for magic that is sad”

“What do you want?” I asked with clear irritation in my voice.

“Just want to share a magic trick with a stranger.”

Till this day I don’t know why I said yes, I was already late I was sure to miss my train to the work. My boss had already warned me about my lack of punctuality, but still I said yes. May be when the universe wants something it conspires towards it with every speck that it owns and this was something that was meant to happen, this magic trick was my salvation from the mediocrity in which I had lived.

He pulled a deck of cards from his pocket and asked me to choose any card which I liked, he took that card and placed it in his palm he then raised it high and then he swiftly turned his hand and the card vanished.
I stood in front of him unimpressed but that did not lower his enthusiasm. He carried on with his trick he showed his empty palm convincing me that he hid nothing in it and then he fished his hand into my breast pocket and from it he produced a gold coin. Then he stood there with a broad smile on his face as he waited for my amazed reaction which sadly he didn’t get.

“I am to be thrilled?” I asked in a sarcastic voice.

“That is up to you, my job is to produce moments of magic”

“This is no magic this is a cheap illusion, a lie. You are no magician you are just a liar.”

“It seems to me that you know how it is done”

“Of course I know you didn’t transform that card into a coin you just concealed that coin in your sleeve and cleverly revealed it.”

“Obviously I cannot transform things I am no magician, you are the men with the true transforming power”

I laughed on his weird humor. “I cannot transform things”

“You can I know that but the problem is that you don’t know that you can transform things, can you jump?”

“Yes, everyone can jump.”

“You know why you can jump because you have tried it. You know why you cannot transform things because you have not tried it yet. You have that magic concealed in your sleeve but you have not looked closely enough. See that we are the only ones who have the power to transform our fate. Believe me, try once and you will be amazed. Put your hand in your pocket, is there something.”

I slipped my hand into the pocket and fished “No” I replied.

“Now think that there is coin, feel the coin in your head. Now slowly close your fist and draw it back now open it.”
There it was in my own palm a gold coin. I was dumbstruck.

“There was no coin but when you believed it materialized, believe that there is god and he will bestow his light upon you, believe that there is salvation from this life and the door will appear, believe that there is light at the end of the tunnel and the light will be within you, my dear friend all you need is to believe the rest the universe will do.”

“Who are you?” I asked him

“To be true I am nothing, I mean I am just that little belief that erupts in every human when he looks at the night sky in the hope of finding the answers to his lost soul.”

I looked at that coin once again and when I looked up he was not there anymore. That magician taught me a very important lesson he taught me that with belief anything could be turned into gold, he taught that we don’t have to hunt for the magic outside, we just have to look inside our own soul, there rests the real magic.

By- Ahmed Salim.

Edited by- Vaidika Kashikar

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