Dear Long Lost Love!

A Beautiful love story that exists in each of our lives, but for some or the other reason, couldn't last longer. A story that is somewhere buried deep in our hearts, because it ended unreasonably, because it was one who did not trust the other good enough. Because they were unfavorable consequences that prevailed over... Continue Reading →

Movie review: Begum jaan

Film: Begum jaan Release date: 14 April 2017 Cast: Vidya balan, Gauahar khan, Ashish vidyarthi, Naseeruddin shah, Rajit kapoor, Chunkey pandey Story: Srijit mukherji Direction: Srijit mukherji Language: Hindi कहानी- "जब-जब लकीरें खींची गईं, तब-तब नफरत और हिंसा का सैलाब आया है" कहानी का सार यही है। फिल्म एक ऐसे ही विद्रोह की कहानी है।... Continue Reading →


She is sweet , she is well behaved , she is matured and positive ,she has no wrong opinion for any one but Still... She wears a mask on her face.  Mask so that no one can see her jealousy ,  Mask so that no one can see her pain ,  Mask so no one... Continue Reading →


She's different. This is the first thing that is going to pop up into your mind the moment you land your eyes on her. Her demeanour and her aura is enough to justify this first observation of yours. You won't ever be uninspired or bored with her. She'd be that fresh breath of unpredictable mischief.... Continue Reading →


There is something that my soul is craving for! It needs Relief, Pain and Madness, all at once. I guess it might be searching for Love -Zeeshan.

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