SORRY, is not always enough!


Sorry is not always enough,
For it’s too simple a term to be able to express the complexity of human emotions that lie behind it,
You can’t expect a four letter word to heal the damage done and the hurt already caused,
Sorry won’t go back in time to reverse what happened,
But it’s just an expression that we often misuse, in the wrong places, to the wrong people, so much so that it doesn’t make a difference anymore, it doesn’t alter how the other person feels about what you did to them.
Apologies aren’t easy, neither for the person who is apologizing nor for the person being apologized to and it never works one way,
A two way street that it is requires both acceptance and admitting to the fact that you did something wrong and at the same time the ability to forgive is of utmost importance.
The damage that’s done is done,
but repentance and understanding the emotions of the other person is necessary,

For Sorry is not always enough!


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