For the love self!

“I thought of changing my hairstyle to hers, 

then I thought of getting a piercing like that of the other. 

What if I adapt her dressing sense, 

Let me tattoo my body parts as she got it


What if I dye my hair brown, will they then look at me like I am wearing a crown.”

Many such thoughts crossed my mind and I catered them all. 

One day I stood in front of the mirror tall.

“Who are you?” It yelled at me. 

“A part of every girl they turn their head towards.” I sobbed.

“And you lost yourself totally apart.” I thought.

“You let go your soft curls and charming smile just to grab a look for a while?

What are you doing to yourself?” I asked. 

“I don’t know, I was seeking attention, I guess.” The inner self replied.

“Got enough?” I mocked. 

I just sat by the wall and thoughts occured,”Whose enthrallment am I trying to seek? Why am I losing myself for people unknown to keep?” 

While finding the answers that were already known, a few people told me things unheard.

“You are beautiful!” someone said, the one who matters to me the most. 

So, why to give up on myself when I have people who love the real me the most. 


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Realization has hit and has hit a bit harder but one thing I understood that it is the soul that at last, matters!

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