What you love?

Do you love my eyes or do you love my lips?

Do you love like my hair or do you like my voice?

Do you yearn for my body or my soul entices you?

Do you want me to follow to your orders or go with my wishes?

Will you stay with me forever, or leave me for the riches?

I have so many questions to ask and answers to seek,

I want to be strong, but the idea of love makes me weak.

I know it is easy to enter and breach my heart,

And, then leave it broken into a thousand parts.

So, this time, I want to be sure,

I want to take the leap when your love is pure.

When I know you will stay by my side,

When you hold my hand to surf through time and tide.

When you tell me that you love me, and you mean it too,

When you can see through my soul, even when I am not with you.

Debolina Coomar

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