What you love?

Do you love my eyes or do you love my lips? Do you love like my hair or do you like my voice? Do you yearn for my body or my soul entices you? Do you want me to follow to your orders or go with my wishes? Will you stay with me forever, or... Continue Reading →

You can be fit and healthy,  But with stinginess inside you'll never be wealthy. 

वक्त का किस्सा

चलते चलते यूँ ही कभी मुड़ के देखो, वो किरदार आज भी वहीं है। आँखों की गहराइयों में झाँक के देखो, यादों का समन्दर बहा नहीं है। रास्ते बदल गए फ़ासले बढ़ गए, मंज़िल राही की आज भी वही है। महीने बीत गए साल बदल गए, एक ठहराव सा आज भी कहीं है। पानी की... Continue Reading →

If only.

If only you could understand, That my mouth doesn't say what it wants to, and that my heart doesn't do What is good for it. If only you could understand, How much I wish you would look a little closer, stand a little closer, and really just try to understand.

  Red! Baby, you make me go crazy for you. Craving for your sweet delicious flavor dripping from all edges, I wonder how you will taste inside my mouth when I will savor every last drop of you. Slowly - slowly you will entwine your every piece with mine and I will just enjoy the... Continue Reading →

Die Hard

Time passes, habits die hard. Wound heals, scar fades hard. People leave, memories die hard. New day new story, your remembrance dies hard. Lifetime ends, love never dies, After all this time, Snape never lies. 'Always' he says, his promise dies hard, Somewhere in the sky, little cupid cries. Seasons change, winters within persist. Heart... Continue Reading →

The Door to Paradise

At last I stood in front of it, 18 years of sheer passion and hard work had finally paid off. The master stood right beside me. The man who had taught me to look into stars and peep into heavens. The moment for which I had lived was dawning upon me. Only an inch of... Continue Reading →


​अंग्रेजी की एक बहुत ही प्रसिद्ध कहावत है के-"Nobody In this World is perfect" चंद शब्दों की ये कहावत संसार की सच्चाई को बयां करती है मगर आचार्य चाणक्य कह गए हैं के- समय के साथ समाज में,प्रथाओं में,कार्यों में एवं विचारों में परिवर्तन आवश्यक है। वर्तमान स्थिति के अनुसार अंग्रेज़ि की वो प्रसिद्द कहावत... Continue Reading →

In her Kingdom,  He is a king, And how she treats him,  You don't have to wonder. 

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