New Year Indeed !!

And she very well knew, this New Year too, ain’t be any new !

While everyone in the hostel was busy with their new year plans, Rhea was just sitting idle watching them mess up her room. Her roommate screaming at the top of her voice didn’t bring her any chills. “Two days holiday, 31st and 1st, and then back to college,”she well knew what was coming through.

“Rhea what are your plans for the eve, why ain’t you going home?”, Sanjana , her roommate asked. “I don’t understand why you people are so much excited. Every year this new year thing comes, yet nothing new happens. Tomorrow too, nothing but the calendar will change. There’s nothing to celebrate about it, I’am telling you. ” “Oh, you always this not so happening type. One day you’ll get surprises too, and then I’ll ask you about the reasons, my dear”, Sanjana tried lightning her mood. “But, I don’t see that happening anyway”, Rhea said with the utmost excitement she could show.

That evening, everybody left for their homes. Rhea came out to the hostel door, to part goodbyes to her friends. “You should also have gone home Rhea”, Sanjana took her last chance to convince her. “I am better off here yaar, you guys enjoy , and come back soon”, she said.

That night, scrolling her news feed , those happy new year wishes, memes and and a few calls, “31st over”, she said to herself, as she put down her project things. “I need a few more articles , ahh…will have to go to the college tomorrow” with that thought, she slept.

The next was the New Year’s morning. Finally there. Her alarm clock rings. She picks up the clock, watches the time, and sleeps back again for her 5 minute nap. The clock rings again. This time she had to wake up, college library was open only for the half day. The major chunk of project was still left to be completed, and she won’t be able to do it, without those articles.

Her mobile phone rings, “new year message” again. She puts back the phone, and goes to get a shower. “No need to dress better, there won’t be anybody in the college”, looking at her closet, sehe thought. “But, how would it had mattered, if anybody was there? Anybody, or Rohan”,smiling she put that ‘never gonna happen’ thought away, dressed herself in simple clothes, picked up her project file, cellphone, and hurried downstairs.

“Oh god!, it’s already 10, I wonder if the library is still open”. She went to the college, her project file constantly getting in her way. “Ashish Sir ?”, she asked the man sitting on office chair, the chair turned backwards.. “Sorry”, the man on the chair turned around. “Ashish sir isn’t here. I am Rohan, I had some work in  here, so he left the office keys with me . Can I help you anyway.”

Rohan, the college captain. Rhea could not believe her eyes, it was him there. The senior boy, always on her dreams, was right in front of her. “Oh my! Is this my dream”, she thought suddenly cursed herself for not dressing up better.

“Hello, miss, can I help you ?”, these words brought her back, though still she was in her dreamland. “I…I….”, she tried to speak but fumbled.

“You are Rhea, mechanical girl, right?” “He even knows my name”, she couldn’t stop the thoughts at the back of her mind. “Rhea…?”, he disturbed her thoughts again.  “I was here to collect some of my project articles. “, she could finally speak, “sir told me he will in the office today”, she instantly added.

“Project? Today?” Rhea could hardly manage her smile and thoughts, “Yeah, I had to complete it by tomorrow so”. “Studious enough”, he remarked.  “Okay, you can see where your articles are, I’ll be back till then” he said to her, as he started to walk downstairs. He walked a few steps, and turned back to get her glance again. “Beautiful she is”, he thought to himself.

Rhea sat on the chair, just to catch her breathe. The moment she did, there was this voice again, “Rhea, do you also want coffee ?”  “Ummm….mm..”, startled she could not speak anything. “Okay”, and smiling he went. “Such an idiot you are Rhea. “, she was mad at herself. After a few minutes, she recollected a bit of herself, and began searching the articles. Searching the same folder thrice, she realized, she was still in shock, smiling at whatever, and needed to calm down. But before, she could, Rohan was back again. “Here’s your coffee”,he smiled to her, finding her staring at him all that while. “Thank you”, that was all she could manage to utter.

“Did you find those articles”, he asked. “Only a few of them”, she lied. There was an abrupt silence for minutes, as he sipped his coffee, and watched her searching the files on computer. He watched her putting her hair back of her ears again and again, as they disturbed her. There was something mesmerizingly beautiful about her.

“So you didn’t go home for the new year?”, he asked to break the silence. ‘Umm…no”, she could not find anything worthy to speak.  “You mechanical girls, don’t talk much”, he smiled. ”Oh, no, there…there isn’t anything like that”. Smirking he removed his gaze watching her get nervous.  “I too didn’t go because of the project”. She wanted to say something, but words always left her the right moment. And thus, she concentrated transferring the files then.

There was silence again, when she finally spoke, “I am done”. “Done? What?”,this time he was awakened from his dreams. “Oh sorry, I was thinking about something else”, he tried covering up.

“My work is done. …PAUSE….. “Aa……So I’ll be leaving……PAUSE………. Bye”

“Okay, bye”. He had no idea, how much she desired to be there. She could sit with him the entire day, and just keep staring him, without even a word said. With those silly loving thoughts at the back of her mind, she managed to get up and move. He watched her go.

She walked up a few steps, and then looked back to check if anybody was there. Finally she sighed relief. She tried believing what all just happened. She felt herself being on cloud nine, and silly at  the same time. “ I should have thanked him for the coffee, at least”. Before she could actually count on what just happened,  there was that voice again, breaking her conscience, “Rhea”, she turned around to find who it was, wishing it wasn’t him again. Or, the exact opposite of it. Yes, it was him. He came up her and uttered, “Rhea, would you mind having another cup of coffee with me ?”

Rhea could not curb her smile then.

Surprises. Yes. This new year, actually brought her a new life. New beginnings. Love.

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