Obama- The People’s President

Wednesday 11th, 2017 (IST) Mr.Barack Obama officially signed off as the president of the United States of America. Not just the Americans, but the entire world was looking forward to his farewell speech (and so was I).

Honestly, I am not a very avid follower of Mr. Barack rather I have always wondered why the people of America have always loved him more than the love itself. They were screaming on top of their lungs-“Four More Years” while he just silently smiled.

To get these questions answered there was no better way but to listen to his address. And as the speech concluded, I had all my answers ready.

So, here are some key notes from his address which sets him apart from all the other leaders:

1. “Hello Chicago, It’s good to be home”

-Wow.. the positivity in his aura speaks volumes for him. And as they say, hearts built home. he chose Chicago because this is the land where he all started. No matter how big his stature may be he hasn’t forgotten his roots.

2. “Michelle and I”-

-The man puts the lady first (mark of respect).

3. “It’s my turn to say thanks”

-The president was not only humble but grateful enough towards his fellow Americans to thank them for the trust that they have entrusted to him during his eight years of service. He also exclaimed that he always kept learning from his citizens which made him a better president and a better man. No doubts his demeanor is self-evident.

4. ” Change only happens when ordinary people get involved, get engaged, and come together to demand it”

  • He not only firmly believes in almighty but also believes that all are created equals. He also explained how he has evolved as a person because of these changes that he has encountered from being to a twenty-year-old fellow to being a president.

5. “America is exceptional”

  • Just not because it has been flawless from the start but because it has always shown the capacity to change. He believes in embracing all and not just a few.

6. “Hallmark of democracy”

  • He wanted his people to accept the new president by calling it a peaceful transfer of democracy from one freely elected president to the next.

7.”Democracy requires a basic sense of solidarity”

  • He believes in rising and falling as one.

8.” Economic dislocation will come from nation that makes jobs obsolete “

  • And for this he wants children to be granted the education they need.

9. “Acknowledged his wife, children, and his fellow vice president”

  • Now this is something not every man can do. He is chivalrous and I must say this he had all my respect the moment he thanked his wife Michelle for her selfless devotion to his family and him. He also thanked his daughters for being their kind themselves. He also appreciated Joe Biden (the then vice president) for being faithful as a friend and for living up to his expectations.

10. “I am asking you to believe. Not in my ability to bring about change

  • but in yours.” And this was his epic mic-dropping moment.


Well, these are just a few reasons why Americans love him so much. The day marked a teary farewell to the Obama family. Only time can tell if there will again be a president like him ever again in the ‘World History.’

Shruti Jain

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