The Unsatisfied Man in White collar.

A dear friend of mine works at one of the most prestigious organizations in India and yet every time we meet, I have to gulp his maddening rant of his professional life about how he is dissatisfied and probably disillusioned by the position that he had worked all his life to achieve.
And the tragedy of the India today is that my friend shares this plight with millions of  other youngsters, Being in a job that they hate.
The irony of is that there is a significant level of unemployment across all levels, but those who get the opportunity to be the part of white-collar jobs are not completely satisfied with it. A Study done by Global Dale Carnegie Consulting organization in year 2015 says that around 44 percent of the Indian workforce is only partially engaged and as many as 10 percent are actively disengaged. Some of the reasons that are generally attributed for this dismay are- salary, job description, company, title, working hours etc. but one of the unsaid reason which remains is that the person has differences with his immediate seniors. Survey also revealed that about 13 percent of the Indian Executives rated their immediate superior poorly and another 45 percent were neutral (response of 42 percent was favorable).
Bosses who are not empathetic to their employees find it hard to motivate them to identify with organization’s vision, and this eventually leads to disenchantment or resignation of the employee. At the end of the day if a executive do not get the respect that he deserved for working so hard and for so long then what’s the point for working at all?
Higher management of these companies generally do not understand this apprehension and resort to standard bookish HR policies to appease their employees. Adding appetizing delights in the lunch, indoor and outdoor sports, picnics, surprise bonuses etc do help in building cordial relations among workers but this activities will be futile until and unless the dealings between a worker and his boss do not become amiable.
So maybe it is time for the management to comprehend these grievances and come up with proper solutions to built bridges connecting different minds. Proper psychological training of all the employees of a company, bosses as well the juniors, can be a plausible solution. They should realize that in the present scenario employee with his skills is not just looking any job at any company at any salary, for him job satisfaction is of the utmost priority. Let’s remember that this is not the age of HARI SADU’s.

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