Dreams: A Deception

Hey misterio,

You have got a persona so suave  that could fix the girls into a trance,
The eyes holding an entire galaxy to travel across which none would like to miss a chance!

You are an enigma endowed with a magical hue,
Able enough to cast a spell on those surrounding you.

A human with such contrasting aspects inside out,
With seriousness adorning his pics- a guy damn jovial at heart.

A lad with eyes that slay which appear to be sly,
But there are moments when it feels as if what those eyes suggests is bogus and not right!

Composure that you hold under all circumstances,
Is eerie, compelling and worth giving importance.

Behind a smile ingrained on your visage seemingly beaming,
Deep beneath your skin is a soul who have emerged through emotional upheavals winning!

The nights are the time where one could find solace in their sleep,
But even they cheat upon you because your eyes are afar from being drowsy.

Even when the sleep creep in,
Your mind is restless because you don’t dream!

For your dreams are your canvas,
Where the strokes of your imagination’s brush run,
To paint the girl you desire,
As the night pass!

You believe that the girl you imagine exists,
Who can light up your life,
Once her gleaming presence gets through your dreams’ crevice,
But my friend,anything that exist in real can never be a part of your dream- I surmise!

Because dreams are the lands that deceive,
Hollow in meaning which you perceive.

Once you expect them to come out to be true,
The mirage they create will lead you into the blues!

And, never confine your brilliance to show up only in solitude at nights,
Let the vibrance of your talents croon in the days beautiful and bright.

Remember, your souls might at times let up,
But you must cheer and remain always pepped up!

And yes, for sure night is a backdrop,
But sleeping is not just a timepass,
Hope your destiny makes you to bump into a girl,
Whom you can paint magnificently on your Real life’s Canvas…!!!


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