Me, my lady love and an anklet

With her slipper clapping the noise, the entire restaurant starred at her with awkwardness. For the elite crowd making the sound of clashing spoons and forks with plates, it may have been either informal way to walk in or hard to accept the attire.
But for him, it was an aura of beauty. He was mesmerized by his lady landing in the restaurant with the comfort in her pyjamas and slippers. She was an odd fit to the even world and he accepted every inch of her.
When the stares were stopped and they had a personal space of eating without any further eyes, he suddenly went down on his knees. “Be with me forever” echoed the whole restaurant.
Again the stares were back on them but with all the eyes looking for an answer.
She said “yes” with a bounce on her feet.
Claps echoed back from the people and he reciprocate his lady’s excitement with tying an anklet on her legs.

They began a new chapter that day and people stared a new love tale of imperfections yet perfectly blended people.

Yes, lastly proposal with an anklet was her dream turned into reality by him.

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