New year, old love

The time stood still, but the tickling sound of the watch didn’t stood.
The shouts of “Happy New year” made me realized that year has changed.
But when I turned back to my screen, I saw a message from her.
Every feeling beats within me.
The love, the care, the humbleness.
The crazy, the insanity, the freakness.
The belief, the trust, the truthfulness.
The joy, the cherishing, the happiness.
The learning, the lessons, the fruitfulness.
The memories of hug, kisses  and cuddles.
The one, the made for each other, the togertherness.
The respect, the blush, the shyness.
These joys will be cherished similarly as we are in love.
But the distance, the cravings, the belongings will test us through the new ways.
So, this new year stood just as a pass of the tickling of the clock and not the passing of my love for her.
For the new beginning would empower their love.

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