​An Open Letter to Captain Cool

By Shruti Jain

Dear Mahendra Singh Dhoni,

I do not know how to say this to you, but I was hit by something within when I realized I would no more see you on the field. For a while I was sad (read selfish because I always wanted to see you play no matter what), but then I was immensely proud of you and your decision. You had always thought of the welfare of the nation, be it picking up the right person for the team or an early retirement.

People always look at the success of a man, they do not see what went into his making, what he has gone through and what sacrifices he has given.

I was deeply moved by your struggle story, your story of loss just when you were climbing the success ladder and how you got over it. Nobody knows how much you were weeping inside, but you did not let it bother you or your duty towards the nation.

There were times in your career when you had put others first in the batting line (you do not know this, but seeing you bat in the middle order was secretly always a respite for many like me because we were always assured that “Dhoni hai na, sambhal lega. Sab thik hoga”) .

People usually lose their calm when they are stressed, but we have always seen you composed and patient. Your perseverance is what sets you apart.

Success always comes to the right person at the right time provided you do not give up on your dreams and ambitions and there is no better example for this but ‘YOU’. You have made the country some of the best days in cricket, the T20 world cup in 2007, the 2011 World Cup, the 2013 Champions Trophy etc etc. There is so much to sum up. A captain like this does not happen very often to a country where cricket is more than a game, perhaps a religion which people follow tirelessly.

I am glad that I was born in an era when I could see you play on the field. Thank you for showing us some beautiful cricket. You redefined the game and sportsmanship. I feel really really happy for you and your decision. This retirement is just the end of an innings in your life but a promise of a new beginning.

Wish you many more new milestones in your life.

Yours truly,

A sincere fan.

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