Story of a mad girl

15826353_1890924984474318_5460261657892086946_nMad? Why?
Yes, she was mad. An irritating, dependent and dumb girl. I mean just tell me who is dependent on her best friend just to approve a single pic so that she could put that as the display picture. And who irritates every single friend in her friend list just because she was upset and badly wanted to talk to someone. And dumb enough to not understand that if someone is ignoring you then you should give them their space. She keeps on interfering in the life of every single person she knows by her exasperating behavior. Who does that? Seriously who asks other’s to talk to them just because they can’t handle their weakness alone. Who keep on demanding attention from every other person because they are alone. Who is so immature to let other’s play with their feelings. She never understood that evil attacks vulnerable hearts.
Who has time for others in this busy life to listen to other’s shitty talks; but she had and everyone assumed that she was good for nothing. Who can be so free to steal some time for her loved ones when they don’t even want to receive a text from you. Who can be so cheap! Yes cheap! So who can be so cheap to talk to every single guy, talking to guys made her a so-called modern bitch in everyone’s eye? And she still didn’t understand her fault.

People call her mad and she took that as a compliment. Such a fool she was. Who believes a random stranger? No, tell who does that? If course our little mad girl. Who sacrifices her favorite accessory for a friend? Who cries whole night because her friend broke – up with her saying ‘You changed’.

Who keep on showing a bright smile after being totally broken from inside. Who forgives everyone for their mistakes? Of course our innocent mad girl. Wait! What did I call her? “INNOCENT” Does she really deserve this compliment after being so reckless all the time? After becoming a burden in her loved one’s lives whom she thought that they also feel same for her.

I think she deserves it.
Her character doesn’t deserve mockery because she was being honest with every person in her life. Who tries to solve problems in relationships? She does and she tried until she gives – up. She was also a human. She also feels pain when people don’t even want to talk to her. She also hates ‘hmmm’ after a long message. She gave – up. Why do you say? She was mad, she was irritating, she was dumb, but above all, She was a human who has feelings. And those who possess feelings also get hurt and who get hurt can’t take more than their limit. She ended her life because this was her limit. People smiled and said look a mad girl died but they will never find that it was you who killed her.

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