A Story Of A Brave Boy

There came a condition in my life. I was stressed & completely depressed. Failures were dominant on me. Success was very afar and I found a path full of thorns. Thorns so sharp that can lead you bleed all the bloods of your body. Also the responsibilities started to get burdened on my shoulders. And I was running from them as if they were a monster. I tried hard to cry & let all the emotions out of my mind but I failed. I had no one to share the feelings and to feel better after it. When all the doors of hope was shut, I saw one with sparkling beautiful lights. The door towards the prayer. I entered it with a heavy heart and a selfish soul. I found myself so selfish that many a times I found this door but hardly tried to enter in it. Now though when there was my need, I stepped in. I tried to exit immediately as I was hit by the thought. But I entered in.

I saw a young boy struggling to step up the staircase. He had nor crutches in his hands neither any supporting hands. I thought to help him but he was brave enough to do it by himself. All the excuses I made to leave my precious prayers was hitting my mind and I asked myself,

“Do you have any excuses?”
“Is your problem the real one?”

After ablution, he found a place comfortable for him and began his Namaz(Prayer). He balanced himself and did rukus and sujud(Prostration) with intense divine feeling. Every single problem that was haunting me started to fade away from my mind. Because I was repeatedly questioning myself,

“Do you have any excuses?”
“Is your problem the real one?”

After the complete prayer, many people shake hands with each other for the sake of brotherhood following the teaching of my Beloved Prophet. I met the young brave boy and hugged him tightly with a smile & tearful eyes. May be he would have came across this situation before, so he whispered in my ear, “Have faith, Everything will be alright.”
“Thank you!”, I said.

Time! Time that teaches you life lessons when there’s the time. I stepped out of the mosque being a new me. I felt change in my emotions and feelings. I felt happy. I thanked to Allah for showing me the good path or changing my thorny path into a flowery one. I am grateful to the young boy for teaching me an inspiring life lesson. I pray to Allah to make him more brave & ease his difficulties in his future life. I am moving forward bravely to fight any obstacles in my way by memorising the question,

“Do you have any excuses?”
“Is your problem the real one?”


Picture Source: Pinterest

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