The lost goddess

The lost goddess


That girl in pink cap is lost
That girl whose eyes were brown
And nose red due to cold
And wearing a sweater with a picture of crown.

She was here in last winter
When everything was as white as her skin
Having a face of a greek goddess
And three sexy moles on her chin

Her flawless skin and slender body
Was giving me goosebumps
When she looked at me with those intense eyes
My heart raced at the speed of water pumps

When she passed me smile while watering her plants
Everything was gone and my heart was no longer mine
My feets dragged me towards her without any plans
I swear something with my body was not fine

She plucked a red rose and placed it in my shirt’s pocket
And then disappeared inside that small door as fast as a rocket
I was smiling like an idiot whole day long
And singing the stupid lyrics of every love – song

After that day she never showed – up
What have I done that her mood is so fed up
I’m searching for her since that day and night
That girl in pink cap left me without any light.

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