Movie Review – Befikre

By Sonia Goplani

Movie is all about how people are attracted towards each other but are never ready for commitment.

There is a famous quote:
‘Even the best sex in the world but without love still won’t fill the void, its a quick fix but when you wake up next morning you find yourself all alone ‘
Movie reflects that phase of young generation and tells how beautiful is the feeling of Love when realized and shared.
Its a dare to give your life in hands of someone else , but a dare to be completed by two people ,no one can alone do it.
Although actors couldn’t connect to audience well. Ranveer Singh as lead was good but if compared to other movies this was not up to the mark. Vani Kapoor was below average she could not bring out emotional part well.
This movie is for youngsters who are afraid of love but want enjoyment in their lives and fight they have with themselves when they start feeling for someone, to realize their feelings are actually Love and nothing else.


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