The horizon had let the Sun sink.

The ocean breeze resounded through his ears as he stood on the black rocked cliff overlooming the ocean spray, at whose feet, the tides broke themselves, just as he had been. He watched as they swirled back into the waters and thought as to why he could not. He was, but one of those tides in the ocean, to which a few looked up, and destined him to be broken everytime he tried to fathom the very ground on which he stood. The setting Sun glistened on the far ocean, just as the rising would have, through his broken soul. The sparkling reflections of the ocean surface seemed so identical to the one his eyes had held, once, when the Sun had not set.
His naked feet cut deeper as he moved towards the edge of the cliff. The turmoil at the surface seemed so much like the whirl in his mind. His eyes turned oblivious. He took another step. As the swirl closed over him, deep below the surface, so did the world’s prevarication, and himself.
The horizon had let the Sun sink.

By Ayush Ashish

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