The breeze blew.

Life had become an amalgam of contradiction. The word, and the world, itself. It had been months after his breakup from his new love. The love which had caressed him. And yes, cursed him, and crushed him. Losing it had made him lose himself. The memories of a childish face returned to him. But they were just a memory, not a memoir, that had been etched out on his soul by someone else, and then catastrophed. His childhood love. Her deep eyes just had that ray of hope to which he had been blinded. By his own self, or by some other, he did not know. But his inarticulate eyes had never been able to edify the elusive to him.
But today, was a different day.
He saw her there, and her eyes did not seem profound to him anymore. Maybe, he could no longer fathom their depth through his shallow eyes. He stumbled towards her. Her eyes rested on his for a moment. And then he fell.
Her outstretched arms held his body superficially, and his broken soul deeply. He woke up at her touch, from a deep sleep that he had been up to, the past few months. Her fingers ran through his unkempt hair. Her hair rubbed along his chaotic beard. He tried to remember his smile. His chafed and sore lips bled at the attempt. Her soft lips met them.
He fell in her arms.
The breeze blew.

By Ayush Ashish

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