The word itself imbibes zeal, energy and ardent enthusiasm, that goes into making them a great means of recreation. India does well in sports, including cricket, hockey, tennis and badminton.

These sports give the players the means to make themselves and our country proud. The glory they achieve, is a dream to everyone.

But we all know that dedication and hardwork are important to reach the apex in any venture, like the olympics. But the frivolous treatment given to the meritorious, and the ugly head of politics that arises predominantly in India, puts the deserving through a quagmire of lack of opportunities, corruption, and leaves them alone to deal with poverty, and kill other career opportunities for an uncertain and a low-paying one in sports. These are the problems that an aspiring gold medalist in our country faces, and finds all his hopes on the ground.

Despite all this, we know our sportsmen have made us proud by acquiring various medals in international sports activities. They fight through district, state and national levels to make us earn what they deserve. Despite the loss of frolic of traditional sports as gulli-danda, India is really proud of its sportsmen, and watches 1 billion hold their work, when a group of sportsmen make way to theirs, and win hearts rather than medals.

By Ayush Ashish

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