Manish Gupta – the man behind Hindi Kavita and Urdu Studio

Insight coverage by Neha Thakur

So I got a call from Nitisha and she told that Manish is in town. I have been waiting for this very long and have always wanted to meet the man behind Hindi Kavita and Urdu Studio YouTube channel. I knew beforehand that he was different (and yes he is extremely). I have met few Bollywood personalities (basically people who are from Mumbai and have a background related to films and all) and yet somehow I thought he must be a person with an attitude as he is the one in lime lights in the literature circle nowadays. There are millions of visitors and people who have subscribed his channel and yet I was amazed to see the simplicity and the down to earth nature of this gentleman.

We reached sharp at 6 at ICH, Takshila Campus, DAVV University. Nitisha called and informed us to go inside the Café, my heartbeat took a leap as I was about to meet the person who has made me fall in love with the Hindi literature all over again. Out of all the videos I loved the most Rashmirathi by Manoj Bajpayee. I went there and with a slight smile on my face I greeted him and sat next to him leaving 7-8 chairs in between. I introduced myself and he thought that I was a student as most of the people sitting there were students. I told him that I work in an IT firm and have more than 11 years of experience. He was surprised to hear that I am working and running this community and appreciated the fact that we are making people falling in love with books, writing, arts and becoming a better version of themselves.

“What is love”, he asked promptly to everyone and the responses were amazing. I said “Pyaar beh jaana hota hai”. He then asked to us all, “Whose love is great”, the one who failed in exams or the one who topped? Discussions about difference between muse & lovers, dreams and opinions, life, destiny, poems, literature etc went on for 3 hours which is difficult to put into words. He also shared one of the poems he love most :

सबसे खतरनाक होता है सपनों का मर जाना(Video link)

मेहनत की लूट सबसे ख़तरनाक नहीं होती
पुलिस की मार सबसे ख़तरनाक नहीं होती
ग़द्दारी और लोभ की मुट्ठी सबसे ख़तरनाक नहीं होती

बैठे-बिठाए पकड़े जाना – बुरा तो है
सहमी-सी चुप में जकड़े जाना – बुरा तो है
पर सबसे ख़तरनाक नहीं होता

कपट के शोर में
सही होते हुए भी दब जाना – बुरा तो है
जुगनुओं की लौ में पढ़ना -बुरा तो है
मुट्ठियां भींचकर बस वक्‍़त निकाल लेना – बुरा तो है
सबसे ख़तरनाक नहीं होता

सबसे ख़तरनाक होता है
मुर्दा शांति से भर जाना
तड़प का न होना सब सहन कर जाना
घर से निकलना काम पर
और काम से लौटकर घर जाना
सबसे ख़तरनाक होता है
हमारे सपनों का मर जाना

सबसे ख़तरनाक वो घड़ी होती है
आपकी कलाई पर चलती हुई भी जो
आपकी नज़र में रुकी होती है

सबसे ख़तरनाक वो आंख होती है
जो सबकुछ देखती हुई जमी बर्फ होती है
जिसकी नज़र दुनिया को मोहब्‍बत से चूमना भूल जाती है
जो चीजों से उठती अंधेपन की भाप पर ढुलक जाती है
जो रोज़मर्रा के क्रम को पीती हुई
एक लक्ष्यहीन दुहराव के उलटफेर में खो जाती है

सबसे ख़तरनाक वो चांद होता है
जो हर हत्‍याकांड के बाद
वीरान हुए आंगन में चढ़ता है
लेकिन आपकी आंखों में मिर्चों की तरह नहीं गड़ता

सबसे ख़तरनाक वो गीत होता है
आपके कानो तक पहुँचने के लिए
जो मरसिए पढता है
आतंकित लोगों के दरवाज़ों पर
जो गुंडों की तरह अकड़ता है

सबसे खतरनाक वह रात होती है
जो ज़िंदा रूह के आसमानों पर ढलती है
जिसमे सिर्फ उल्लू बोलते और हुआँ हुआँ करते गीदड़
हमेशा के अँधेरे बंद दरवाजों-चौगाठों पर चिपक जाते है

सबसे ख़तरनाक वो दिशा होती है
जिसमें आत्‍मा का सूरज डूब जाए
और जिसकी मुर्दा धूप का कोई टुकड़ा
आपके जिस्‍म के पूरब में चुभ जाए

मेहनत की लूट सबसे ख़तरनाक नहीं होती
पुलिस की मार सबसे ख़तरनाक नहीं होती
ग़द्दारी और लोभ की मुट्ठी सबसे ख़तरनाक नहीं होती ।


He shared that the biggest lie ever told to us was that “Happiness is better than Sadness”, which is true. We always believe that we would like to be happy, but then does a person who has got all the luxuries in life is happy or the one whose parents have died, who was thrown out of his house, who lived on platform and has traveled extensively, worked his way out and now is at the top. He has seen all the colors of life and will be more matured than the one who has always lived in the comfort zone. The discussion went on for 3 hours and we felt as he was a part of our team only.

A message to our readers from him is read “The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand”, go get a backpack and travel alone, indulge yourself in discussions, work as per your IQ and take risks and moreover love whatever you do. Read a lot of literature and ask a lot of questions to you first.  Thank you so much Manish for giving us a different perspective to live life.

Though you don’t believe in destiny but for us it was our destiny to meet you, to be touched by your thoughts, your expressions, your soul touching questions. To our surprise he is not a big fan of Facebook (social media in general) and yet he has his videos on YouTube. May you grow by leaps and bounds. A little love note from Indore for you :).

Attachments :

Preview YouTube video हिंदी कविता : Rashmirathi : Ramdhari Singh Dinkar : Manoj Bajpeyi in Hindi Studio with Manish Gupta

Preview YouTube video Pash : Sabse Khatarnak (सबसे ख़तरनाक़) : Asima Bhatt : Hindi Kavita with Manish Gupta


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