Dream or a Nightmare

The crowd moved with him, brushing past shoulders and lugging upon each other. This was a new city. New streets, new people, a new way of life. But for him, it was a new life; that had been granted to him; but partly due to him, and partly due to his past life. He had paced the stairs of his dead self, but did he ascend or descend; he did not know. He hoped his hurt and broken soul would come alive again, but that hope could not be seen in and through those shimmerless eyes of his. They used to; some long time ago. It was then, when those eyes saw what they had been accustomed to see; that long time ago, and what they dreamt of seeing, every spanning present day, what was the reality to someone.
But for him; still a dream
Or a nightmare
His enslaved mind and broken heart could never decide.

By Ayush Ashish

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