Character Analysis – Luna Lovegood (Harry Potter Series)


Preeti Pathak

Harry Potter has always been a very intimate part of my life. It’s not just a best-selling book series OR most-entertaining fictional movie adaptation, HP is simply a phenomenon. J.K Rowling has constructed each and every

character in its own tremendous and powerful way. One such character is Luna Lovegood. She inspires readers in her most unique ways.

Luna is raised by her father Xenophilius Lovegood, Owner and Editor-in- Chief of THE QUIBBLER.

She has her own sets of strange – odd beliefs for which she is often teased and ignored by fellow students. But ‘Not-bothering about’ what people say or do, is what makes her apart. Readers admire her innocence, combined with wisdom.

Luna reflects that it’s okay to be weird sometimes. It’s okay to get ignored and out casted and it’s perfectly okay to enjoy one’s own company, i.e. solitude is normal and one should not feel dejected when everyone around has no time for us. She strongly urges readers to be what they actually are and be proud of that. She shows immense courage and bravery by taking stand of Harry in times of peril, thus reflecting a sense of true friendship.

In “Order of Phoenix”, she Volunteers to go along with Harry, all the way to London for securing prophecy, which Voldemort so desperately wants. Her selflessness and bravery is what reader admires most about.

She counsels Harry time to time and makes him understand that love and friendship are those weapons which Voldemort do not possess. In her words, she says, “If I were to be the dark lord, I would have wanted you to be away from your friends, family and left all alone.”

Harry values her words and respects her for what she is.

Luna is calm, composed and an intelligent witch. She knows a great deal about magical creatures, likes of Threstals, Nargles, Wackspurt…etc. She actively participates in D.A meetings and helps her friends out whenever need arises.


Lunas’s innocence overshadows her weirdness and makes her more likeable. The reader realizes that, she has got some “Real” nerve and does not fake behavior in order to have more friends and acceptance. This maturity in Luna’s nature is may be because of loss of her mother at a very tender age. Also, it gave her a power to be kind to even those who bullied her, a power to see good in everyone.

Though Luna had a great character appeal, she was portrayed less by Rowling in books. But, for readers it was amazing to discover from the character of Luna that the qualities of compassion, intelligence, innocence, beauty and being a weirdo, when brought together can make such a deadly combo.

Luna is a perfect friend and truly represents how an ideal person should be, free from all inhibitions and insecurities, living whatever the way one wants.

Kudos to Evanna Lynch for beautifully portraying Luna on-Screen.

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