Atul Khatri

Interview With Atul Khatri

  1. From family business to Stand-up Comedy, what was your journey like?

It has been a lot of fun. Suddenly felt like going back to college, as stand up comedy has a lot of young, brilliant and talented people. So much is there to learn from them, and so I am enjoying this journey tremendously.

2.  Where do the comedians get their jokes from?

Everywhere – from personal life to newspapers to observations and in our country, our politicians help us tremendously in giving some new material every day!

3.  As a comedian, do you encounter any stereotypes?

Yes – they are present all over but the fun thing is to pick out their nuances and make jokes out of them.

4.  What do you do, when you’re not being funny?

We are all regular people. When I am not funny I spend my time pressing my wife’s feet, washing clothes and taking my mother-in- law for shopping.

5.  Mantras that you live by?

Be humble, keep your head low and keep doing your work. Also time is limited and it is our most expensive resource, so utilize it properly.

6.  The Worst thing about your job is?

Travelling alone for shows. You end up speaking to yourself continuously and that can be very boring at times.

7.  Are you a book lover? If yes, your favourite book/ Author?

No I am not a book lover. Love comics and I read Mad Magazine, Phantom, Mandrake, Tin Tin, Asterix and obviously Savita Bhabhi.

8.  Your advice to the new stand-up comedians?

Do as much as stage time you get, write original content and watch a lot of ‘live’ stand up comedy happening in your area.

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