The God’s word

By – Avijit Singh Thakur

Inspired from the Peshawar School Attack by terrorists.

I am six years old, i never really knew that what my religion actually meant. My mother used to read out verses from Quran every night till i surrendered to sleep. It was her way of teaching me the God’s word. Last night she told me ,’to kill one soul is equivalent to killing the whole mankind, on the contrary, saving one soul is equivalent to saving the whole mankind.’
“Mother, am i a soul?’ I asked.
“Yes son, we all are,” she replied.

Today, i was in my school, it was very cold, i was struggling to write a good handwriting with my shivering hands. The next moment, there were men in my classroom, speaking  in loud voice, they had guns.
I was trying to understand what they said, but it was too fast, I was too young i believe. I looked at them, I think they also were speaking of God’s word, and suddenly they opened fire.
I felt like burning iron was in my chest, and one bullet cut my cheek deep. How would I smile again? It was a deep cut.

The chest pain was unbearable, my pencil was still in my hands, it was a new pencil, mother would scold me if I lost it. I could feel my vision fading.
Did those men just kill me? I am a soul, as mother said. They killed a soul.

Is the mankind still alive?

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