INDORE LITERATURE FESTIVAL 2016 Indore Literary Program Organizing Society At ILF, renowned personalities from the fields of literature, art, culture, theatre, music, management and sports come together on one stage to share their views on the various topics that concern our world and touch our lives. ILF presents a unique opportunity to watch some of... Continue Reading →

I caught the Butterfly

By - Irfan Ali Sehorewala Early one morning, Walking amidst green, I happened to glance, A red beautiful flower. On top, there sat Quite, yet aware; Suave, yet alert; A charming butterfly. Her feathers, like blade Long and straight. Nectar, she drank Hopped and danced. And before she could, Renew her stance My index and... Continue Reading →

Atul Khatri

Interview With Atul Khatri From family business to Stand-up Comedy, what was your journey like? It has been a lot of fun. Suddenly felt like going back to college, as stand up comedy has a lot of young, brilliant and talented people. So much is there to learn from them, and so I am enjoying this... Continue Reading →

Sudeep Nagarkar

Sudeep Nagarkar is a popular contemporary author of five bestselling novels. His books are inspired from real life incidents and anyone can connect with them easily. He is the recipient of the 2013 Youth Achievers' award for writing and for being one of the highest selling romance writers in India. Excerpts from talk:- 1. You are... Continue Reading →

Dear Zindagi-A Movie Reflecting A Child Hidden Fears Impacting Her Future Life! By Neha Thakur CAST: Shah Rukh Khan, Alia Bhatt, Kunal Kapoor, Angad Bedi, Ali Zafar DIRECTION : Gauri Shinde GENRE : Drama DURATION :2 hours 30 minutes Kaira (Alia) is a smart cinematographer who is unconventional in her approach to life. Enter Dr... Continue Reading →

Interview with ‘Rising Star’ Neil D’Silva By Irfan Ali Have you always wanted to be a writer? Ever since I can remember, I have always had this yearning to write. That’s the way my mind has always worked. Whenever I would read any story or watch any movie, I would always think about it analytically. I... Continue Reading →

INTERVIEW WITH ZAKIR KHAN By Irfan Ali 1. Tell us a bit about yourself. What do you usually do when you’re not doing stand up comedy? I was brought up in Indore. I did my schooling from St’Pauls. Among my friends, I was kind of a popular guy who used to joke around, pull-legs. Often, I was... Continue Reading →


By Neha Thakur Since 2006, Los Angeles-based Artist Mike Stilkey uses the covers of books reclaimed from library trash heaps as a canvas for his whimsical paintings. "Most libraries have thousands and thousands of books that they can throw away at any time," Stilkey said. Painting on books adds an extra layer of meaning because of the... Continue Reading →

ये रात

ये रात भी बड़ी बदमाश हैं, चुपके से आती है और नींद दे कर चली जाती है, यूँ तो ये बड़ी बदनाम है, नींद दे तो गम और न दे तो भी। ये उम्मीद बनकर आती है, और ख्वाब दे कर चली जाती हैं, उम्मीदें देना न जाने किसने सिखाया है इस बेरहम को, और... Continue Reading →

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