Will you be mine?

Let me come close to you
I will take away all your pain
I will listen to your heart – beats
And my lips will utter only your name.

Let me stare in your eyes
and let’s dance to the beats
Let me love you like a mad woman
and I will write our story on sheets.

Allow me to hold your hand in mine
For the rest of our life
I will become the luckiest girl
If I would get a chance to be your wife.

Let me hold you in my arms
We will together embrace the  feelings which are divine
Allow my lips to be on your’s
and I won’t let your breathe escape away from mine
Let me touch your heart
and I will allow you to touch mine
Which will beat only for you
till my age turns to ninety – nine.

Let me step on your feet
So that I could reach to your neck
I will give you a love – bite there
So no other girl will dare to come close to you
Only allow me to come so near
and to give you a loving peck.

Let me love you till eternity
and we will together write a saga of love and romance
Allow me to love you madly
The little Bird of desires inside me will dance.

Allow me to be your Valentine
you will me mine
And I will be your’s
For ever and ever….

Will you be mine?

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